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We have been selling cheese in our Bleecker Street flagship store since 1940, and in 2012 the team behind Murray's Cheese decided we needed a place to host our friends and neighbors for cheesy brunches, dinners, and lively celebrations. Murray's Cheese Bar was born, and so was a world of fine cheeses made locally and overseas, selected and arranged by expert mongers or cooked to divine dishes by our seasoned chefs.We love cheese, but our menu also has seasonal specials, high-quality meat and produce and fantastic happy hour specials throughout the week. Join us for dinner seven nights a week or weekend brunch next time you're passing through Greenwich Village and see why we're so in love with what we function.

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If you adore restaurants, if you're addicted to the sounds, the energy, and the spectacle of dining out, there's hardly any place in the L.A. That's more of a thrill than Real Arran Cheese


The meeting hall is fully equipped with a boardroom and seating for 100 - 130 Members. Our meeting hall is ideal for small groups, family function, Birthday parties.


Prepare to get acquainted with the hold tone; these are the toughest restaurants in the world to get a reservation.


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